5 Ways to Have Better Work Reputation


Developing a strong work reputation is comparable with tending a garden: Putting your commitment to maintain it over time is what will give you the best results. If your work rep needs some good fine-tuning however, it’s not too late to make some improvements. To help you, we’ve listed down five of the best and easiest ways on how you can have a better reputation at work.


  1. Project an Air of Competence. You may not realize it yet, but body language actually speaks volumes. When speaking with your boss or a client, avoid uttering things like yeah, um, and uh-huh, as well as offering a limp handshake. Instead, polish all the little things that’ll give you an air of confidence and competence like your outfit, posture, or even the way you answer your phone.


  1. Help Others in Reaching Their Goals. Establishing a good reputation isn’t just about focusing on your own advancement, it’s also about fostering a mind-set to help other people. Do you know someone in sales who’s looking for a good deal? Ask them if you can help by making an introduction to a friend. Does one of your colleagues need to leave early for a family commitment? Offer to cover for their shift.


  1. Look the Part. Another simple way to get a better work reputation is to make sure that you dress according to the environment you’re in. If you’re not sure of the dress code, always err on the side of being too dressy than going too casual. Also, ensure that your attire is clean, unwrinkled and well-fitting. Don’t ever lose your chance to impress someone just because you don’t look appropriate.


  1. Act with Integrity. This should be the foundation of everything that you do, especially in the business world. Small acts of selfishness, jealousy and greed will only work against you and showcase your lack of integrity. If you’re not buying the deal you’re selling, don’t sell it. If you know that you won’t be able to get back to someone when you promise, tell them upfront.


  1. Engage With Your Community. Whether your community is as large as your city or is as small as your office, engaging with your community is essential in improving your work reputation as this will help you in achieving your goals and showing your values. Being engaged means giving back your time and resources, knowing people and being available.

Establishing a good reputation is essential in the world of business. So ensure that you foster your work reputation and take good care of it by doing these simple, yet effective tips.


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