Foods for Different Workouts  

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We hit the gym every day but we fail to consider the foods we eat. We have to keep in mind that exercise and diet complements a healthy life. It should not be the one or the other – it should be both. If we are training for something, we have to make sure that we eat the right kind and amount of food.


The results will be faster if we consider specific snacks during training. Here are some snacks that we have to consider during training:

  • For one hour run: When we are running whether for 1 hour or 2 hours, we should not run empty. We have to consider carb snacks but with medium glycaemic index. Example snacks are crackers, peanut butter, banana, berries, yoghurt and dried fruits.
  • For long distance running: For long distance running, we need sufficient nutrients to keep moving on. We have to consider carb loading snacks to keep moving on. Example snacks are oat muffins, mango and avocado smoothies, dried fruit, energy bars and almonds.


  • For strength training: When we are in a strength training, carbs are also important but we have to consider protein too. Proteins should be taken before workout. Proteins can help release amino acids that are important for muscle recovery and growth. Example snacks are granola, yoghurt, cheese, fruit and apple slices.
  • For yoga: Before going to yoga, it is important that we fuel our body adequately. Example snacks are kiwi, banana, berries and melon.

These snacks can easily cut our workout short. We might even lessen cramps, nausea or fatigue. We have to watch what we eat so we can be finally healthy. These foods are widely available in Singapore so we should not worry about it.


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