Forever Young—4 Major Things to Avoid to Age Gracefully  

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When we reach 50 years, it is no longer about who’s younger and who’s older, but who’s aging and who’s aging gracefully. All of us wish to be like those lucky ones who seem to look better and better each year. To maintain that youthful glow after the golden years, here are some of the things that graceful agers avoid doing to themselves.


  1. Negativity

Negativity invites anxiety and depression and can cause heart disease and psychological disorders. For less chances of developing these ailments, surround yourself with positive people and always be positive inside out.

  1. Watching Too Much TV

Getting too comfortable on the couch is unhealthy, especially to older people. It doesn’t only waste a lot of valuable time, but it may also be shortening your life. In a study conducted in Australia, it is said that an hour a person spent in front of the TV after the age of 25 is losing 22 minutes of his life expectancy. If that’s not enough, might as well consider that watching too much TV draws you into social isolation and sedentary life.

  1. Too Much Sun Exposure

Wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable as we all get it later in our lives. However, we can delay it by limiting or protecting our skin from too much heat from the sun. Applying sunscreen is said to protect our skin from sun spots, premature wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity. So from now on, slather a good amount of SPF to your skin to maintain that youthful and healthy glow.


  1. Overindulging

Surely, everything in excess is bad; thus, moderation is the key. Whether you’re into fatty foods, alcohol, cigarette, soda, or caffeine, it is never good to take them in excessive amounts. Increased leptin and insulin, which controls fat and sugar storage in the body, are responsible for many major health problems. Consuming too much fatty and sugary foods and not having enough exercise all culprits to aging early.

Besides all the physical changes, let’s not forget that aging gracefully is also about the attitude. Having that youthful spirit and light-hearted character brings so much benefit to the vitality of life.


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