Steps to Getting that Salary Raise  


We all want a raise especially that things here in Singapore are costly. Getting a raise entails a lot of hard work but sometimes, we need other things than that. We won’t expect our bosses to actually offer us a raise. We have to act and do some strategizing so we can get what we deserve in the first place.


So, here are some strategies or steps to get that raise:

  • Do homework: We have to be armed with details and facts before we barge to our boss’ office and ask for a raise. If we are just going to haggle, it will be a challenge. We need to ask around to get an idea of the typical salary for our job and years of experience. If there is no one to ask, we can always consider Google or other career platforms.
  • Be prepared: We have to do an assessment of how we feel about our current job. If we are not given the raise, are we prepared to leave our job? If we are given the raise and additional duties, are we ready for that responsibility? If we are prepared to leave our job without the raise, we need to find a company that gives value to our experience and time.
  • Think of alternative benefits: If our raise is not approved or denied, the least thing that we can do is think of alternative benefits if we want to stay in our current job. By alternative benefits, it means additional vacation days or more flexible hours. The employer will surely give this a thought especially if it is feasible.


  • Practice our negotiation: We have to prepare for that moment when we speak of a raise. We can do this by practicing a mock interview with our family or friends. They can tell us at the end of we are overly confident or hesitant.
  • Schedule meeting wisely: Timing is important in everything that we do. We have to schedule our meeting wisely with the manager but we have to make sure that the timing is right. It should not be before a big launching or after the company’s announcement of layoffs and budget cuts.
  • Be specific: When our employer starts to listen, it is crucial that we give him/her a specific figure so he/she will know if it is feasible or not. We can also tell him/her how we came up with such figures so he/she will understand.
  • Listen: Regardless of the employer’s words after our proposal, we need to listen.
  • Understand: If the employer denies your request, we have to understand it. We need to know what the grounds for denying our request are. Only then we can understand.


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