The Right Skin Care for Your Age

Skin Care At Its Finest


Your skin will reflect your lifestyle and your health. If you take good care of your skin, you will be praised and if you don’t, it will reflect on you. There are many people here in Singapore who takes good care of their skin and sometimes, you envy them. The thing is, you do not need to envy them because skin care is not really a secret.

All treatments and services are provided and readily available if you just give it a chance. If you have budget, why not consider skin non-invasive treatments (meaning it doesn’t involve cutting you open with knives or other similar tools) like facelifts, skin tightening, fillers, lasers and Botox. These are guaranteed safe. For more information and options, why don’t you visit your dermatologist?

If you do not have enough money for the treatments mentioned above, you have to undertake a routine or regimen that can help revive the skin. Here are some guidelines for your skin that you can consider depending on your age:

In your 20’s

It is never too early to start caring for the skin. If you hear your mom remind you about sun screening your face and neck, you have to trust their wisdom and just consider it. While you are at it, include chest and hands as much as possible because it can help your skin from aging fast. Do this every morning.

Now this is the perfect time to establish a skincare routine and make sure to stick to it. For example, after the sunscreen, why not follow it with moisturizer and then vitamin A cream.

In your 30’s

When you reach early 30’s, as much as you do not want to age, there will be signs of frown lines, upper lip lines as well as crow’s feet lines. To help you with these problems, now is the good time to start treatments that include little doses of Botox maybe twice or thrice a day. You can consider photorejuvenation as it can clear small brown spots.

In your 40’s and beyond

In your 40’s, you will be stressed if you notice sagging skin. The best thing to do is to consider hyaluronic acid filler at least twice or thrive a year. This injectable can delay the sagging. You can also consider skin tightening treatments or if there is a need, a more intense skin improvement treatment like fractioned carbon dioxide laser.

That should give you enough idea to last a lifetime. One warning though, do not believe everything you hear from friends or advertisers and do not try skin care products all at once thinking that you will have better results.

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