The Washer-Dryer Mania



It is laborious when we consider hand washing. Our back will ache plus our hands will be irritated. This is the reason why many Singaporeans consider washing machines (thank God for washing machines). There is no doubt that washing machines made things easier for us – and more comfortable. Though there are people who still prefer the traditional hand washing, it is safe to say that more and more Singaporeans are buying washing machines.


A research firm GfK traced the sales of refrigerators and washing machines at stores from February 2014 to January 2015. According to their findings, about 280,000 washing machine units were sold in that specific period. These washing machine units are not our traditional cover on top washing machines.

This goes to show that many people prefer washer-dryers despite the costs. Washer-dryers cost twice than the traditional washing machine. In fact, the average price of washer-dryers is $1,200. These washing machines can carry twice the load of the typical washing machine; it can also function both washing machine and clothes

According to experts, aside from the functions, flat owners consider washer-dryer because it can save space. We are all aware of the shrinking size of homes here in Singapore. With this, we are constrained so instead of allotting space for hanging our clothes in the home, washer-dryers can do the trick.

GfK also revealed that the increasing sales of washer-dryers are the result of narrowing of price gap and promotions. Though the prices are high, washer-dryers are enough to keep our clothes clean and dry anytime.


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