Art for the Love of Parents

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They say that you will never know the feelings, fears and thoughts of your parents unless you become a parent yourself. This is true. When you become a parent, you will understand everything. It will come to you sooner that parenthood is not an easy thing. You should be ready for the responsibilities ahead. There is no clear handbook or guidelines on how to become a good parent. You have your instinct to instruct you. Most of all, you should love kids no matter what.


There are many ways on how you can show your kids you love them. There are parents that often say the word “I love you” while there are others that are better acting or showing it. You should always remind your kids that whatever you do, whether they like it or not, is for their own good. Kids may not understand some but sooner they will see your point.

If in this case you want to show your love to your children, you should join Singapore’s Mommy Daddy: Art for the Love of Parents. This event is in connection with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration. It will feature exhibitions made by parents for their children. The exhibits will take place at The Gallery of Gnani Arts. The exhibits commenced last May 8, 2013 and it will end on June 15, 2013. You should remember that they are open from 10am-7pm every Mondays to Saturdays.

Admission is free. If you want to show your work of art to your children, you can bring them to the Gallery. For more information, you can call the Gallery at 6735 3550 and look for Maricar Rebullado.

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