Drinking Tea to Abate Hunger  

Food and Diet

Many people drink their tea as fast as they could, savoring the hot sensation in their throats. Actually, it is a good trait especially when you are in control of your food consumption. Since drinking tea is usually a substitute to drinking coffee, you can drink it in the morning. It doesn’t matter if how much you consume as long as your body can handle its effects. Like coffee, tea has caffeine. However, some of teas nowadays are full of compounds which are not good to the body.


Overconsumption of tea might put your health at risk but this only occurs in very rare instances, and it can be treated just by taking medicines. Therefore, when you use tea to lessen your food consumption, you have to limit yourself on the amount of the beverage you take. Wait for 30 minutes. Once you have consumed your tea, wait for about 30 minutes before eating. You may feel bored while waiting; however, you can do anything while you wait.


The reason why you are going to wait after 30 minutes is to test if you are still hungry or not. Once you felt that you are not hungry anymore, you may continue doing other things; or if you feel that you are still hungry, then you can eat some food. We all know what the disadvantages of not eating are. Thus, we have to eat properly so that we stay healthy and have full energy to do all things.


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