Hospital Checklist: Items to Bring for Your Delivery Stay

Preparation for Pregnancy


You are almost on your final stages of pregnancy. Now you have to think about childbirth. The good thing is that you already arranged the hospital. There are many hospitals here in Singapore that will guarantee safety delivery. That is a good start but it is also important to think of what to pack. You do not want to pack insufficient things for the baby but not to the point of overdoing it.


Ideally, start packing two weeks before due date. This is to get ready for the arrival of your baby. Look for a bag that is not too small or too big. You need at least three bags – your bag, your husband’s and the baby of course. Many people focus on the baby that they forget other people in the hospital needs many things too. So, here are some things that you should bring in your hospital bags:

For your baby

The first thing that you should ensure is the onesies. Onesie refers to a loose garment that will cover the baby’s torso and legs. You should pack at least three onesies. Do not forget the hat, socks and mittens as well. You also need to pack an outfit for when the baby will go home including a blanket and hat. Bring at least ten diapers for the baby and make sure that it is designed for their delicate skin. Lastly, do not fail to bring baby wipes.

For you

Things can be overwhelming when the baby is there but you have to think of yourself too. What will you wear during recovery? Many moms forget to pack their things. For you, you need at least two nightdresses. Although the hospital can provide it for you, you should bring your own if you want to be comfortable. Do not forget to bring few pairs of your comfy knickers, shawl or dressing gown, slippers, toiletries and other cosmetics. After childbirth, you need heavy duty sanitary pads. If you plan to breastfeed your baby, secure a nursing bra. Most importantly, include medical files or records.


For your husband

For your husband, he deserves a bag of his own. Though he doesn’t need much, he will still appreciate if you pack his things beforehand. Do not forget to pack his charger and change of clothing as well as toiletries and more importantly, a camera and its charger. He would want to relive the moment so let him record everything.

Good luck on your child birth!


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