How to Encourage Your Child to Go to School

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How can you encourage your child to go to school when he/she is a victim of abuse? There is news circulating around Singapore that a childcare teacher assaulted her three year old student. The student sustained injuries. The parents are very disappointed about the teacher’s actions because their son hasn’t slept well since the incident. Furthermore, parents are now doubtful about childcare centres.


Parents will always protect their young. A small pinch will cause conflict among parents. That is perfectly normal for parents but they do not expect a teacher abusing her rights and assault a kid. When your kid is a victim of abuse, you should do your best to ease the burden of your kid. You can consider the following things:

  • Always talk to your kid. You should always talk to your kid. The good thing about kids is that they can easily forget things. When you constantly talk to them, they will forget about it.
  • Make him/her understand that you are there and you won’t hurt him or her. When you talk to your kid, you should always stress that you are always there to support and help him/her no matter what happens. You should always affirm that you love him/her and you won’t hurt him/her.
  • Seek justice. If your kid was assaulted, you should seek justice. You need to report the incident to the principal or to the police. They will take actions.
  • Make your kid realize that life should go on. You should tell your kid to continue going to school. If it is possible, transfer him/her to a new school so he/she will enjoy the environment and he/she will not be reminded of the bad things.

For teachers out there, whatever the shortcomings of the child, you should be patient enough and understanding. If you are dealing with something, do not vent all your negative feelings to a kid.

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