How to Get Rid of Different Body Odors

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Every person has a unique body odor just like we have unique fingerprints. But unusually bad body odors are a turnoff. They may because of bad habits and hygiene, but they can also be indicators of a medical condition that you need to pay attention to.

Bad Breath


Sometimes the food that we eat causes bad breath. Make sure to practice good dental hygiene to avoid this. Brush at least twice a day everyday. Smoking, which can lead to gum diseases and teeth discoloration, and drinking can also cause bad breath.


If you’re taking medication, then that could be the culprit. If it’s persistent, it’s a condition called halitosis. The bacteria which break up acids in your food has accumulated in your mouth.


However, bad breath can be a symptom of a respiratory tract infection, obesity, kidney problems (if your breath smells like fish), diabetes (if it’s sweet smelling) and even cancer.


Stinky Feet


It may be caused by excessive sweating of your feet and the bacteria from your shoes. If your feet sweat a lot it may be a medical condition called plantar hyperhidrosis, which can be treated. You can use antiperspirants, powder and shoe inserts to reduce sweating.


Fungal infections, also called athlete’s foot, can also make your feet stink. These require a different treatment and must be eliminated as soon as possible so it wouldn’t spread. Fungus can’t be washed off after all like regular dirt. There are two types of fungal infections, mycotic nails and foot fungus. Fungal infections can be passed on so be careful not to walk barefoot or share your personal items.

Smelly Urine


Sometimes when you’re using the public toilet, someone before you leaves behind the unnaturally strong smell of their urine.


This can be caused by medical conditions like urinary stones, urinary tract infection (UTI), or maybe your body can’t break down some of the amino acids.


Drink enough water everyday to avoid dehydration. You should also reduce your caffeine intake. It’s a good habit to check the color and cloudiness of your urine as well before flushing. If the smell is persistent, you will need to go to a doctor for tests.


Stinky Sweat


Sweat stinks because the bacteria on your skin break down the acids from your sweat. If it smells sour, then it may be a sign that your body can’t digest fats properly or you’re magnesium-deficient. If your sweat smells sweet, it may be a yeast or bacterial infection or you have a high level of lactic acid in your blood.


Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. Sweat isnt abnormal but you may need a checkup if you start to sweat more than usual.


Reduce your consumption of alcohol and spicy food. Obesity can also cause excessive sweating so you have to monitor your weight and always eat a healthy diet. Take a bath everyday, use an antiperspirant or deodorant after bathing and always wear clean clothes. If your clothes stink even after washing, you may have to replace them.

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