Singapore Kerala Karnival 2013

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Students and professionals look forward to every Saturday because it is a night full of laughter, talks and booze. You deserve a break so why not go out, be with friends and see the world? If you are somewhere in Singapore, you are very fortunate because there are a lot of things in store for you.

If in this case you want to dine on a Saturday night, you are free to eat anything you want. There are many restaurants that offer delicacies and cuisines you are craving for. If you want to go to parties, there are many venues that you can consider. You will surely enjoy the lights, music and the drinks. How about considering Singapore Kerala Karnival? Here’s a gist:


What is it?

Kerala is a state in India. The Singapore Kerala Karnival is a party that combines live performances, traditional food, games, competition and other entertainments that speak of Kerala culture. The party is one of a kind therefore it should not be missed. The producers said that an actress from South Indian Film Industry will be present. In general, it features the way of life of Kerala.

When: The party will start on May 25, 2013 from 11:00am-7:00pm.

Where: Expect a beach party. The Karnival will be celebrated at East Coast Park- Meyer Coast, Meyer Road, Meyer Coast.

Restrictions: There are no restrictions. Whether or not you are a Kerala, all are invited to join the party.

Tickets: For adults, they should pay S$35.00 and children should pay S$15.00. For that price, expect a day full of party and fun. Do not be late. Enjoy the party!

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