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People need to save and bank will help you with that. Banks services can really help your business prosper and can aid you in developing your economic properties. However, you need to assess the banks that you are going to choose so that in the long run, you can say that you gain benefit from them and not them having benefited on you.

Because Singapore is one of the best and fastest developed nations in the globe, there are a lot of banks that running to provide the country and its citizens. Choose as the heart of banks in South East Asia, many international banks puts their branches in Singapore. In fact, Singapore has the most protected banks in Asia.

These are the following:


  • Citibank – this bank operates in the island since 190 and they are offering a large variety of economic services such as deposits and withdrawals. Also, they provide credit cards, mortgages and insurances. In 2007, the bank has been awarded as the “Best Bank in Singapore”.
  • Developmental Bank of Singapore – Personal banking and other financially related services is what this bank offer. Development Bank of Singapore has been awarded as the “Safest Bank in Asia” for 4 successive years.
  • Standard Chartered Bank – This bank is an extremely trusted bank in the country and is awarded with the “Best Trade Bank in Singapore” last 2010.

Through the years, Singapore banks serve Singaporeans their best services as long as they can. And because banks in Singapore are strongly recommended, there will be no problems in terms of your cash security.


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