The Art of Cosplay  

Entertainment and Recreation

There are many cosplay enthusiasts here in Singapore. There are even Singaporeans who join cosplays here and abroad. These people have every right to be called artists. Not all people know about cosplays. This time, we have to consider it and discover its hidden wonders.


Cosplay is a combination of costume play. This belongs to performance art. The participants are called cosplayers; they will wear costumes and accessories to embody a specific character. Here are some things that we need to know about the art of cosplay:

  • Costumes: The costumes vary – it can be simple or it can be elaborate. Though people wear customers, cosplay is very different from Mardi Gras or Halloween because of intention to imitate a specific character. The costumes of cosplayers come from different sources. Costumes can be bought online, purchased from dealers and other sources.


  • Presentation: The subcategory of cosplay is revolving around sex appeal. Usually, cosplayers will choose a character that is famous for their attractiveness. Some cosplayers even consider revealing costumes. This is the reason why many people criticize it. There are many conventions that have rules about no costumes and if the cosplayers do not meet the costume requirement, they are asked to leave.
  • Competitions: Fan conventions are done everywhere. Cosplayers can flaunt their costumes in conventions. Here in Singapore, there is EOY Cosplay Festival. The most famous convention is the San Diego Comin-Con as well as the New York Comic Con.
  • Gender roles: Portraying any character of the opposite sex is called crossplay. Crossplay stemmed from male characters with androgynous features in manga.
  • Cosplay models: There are people who consider cosplay a professional career. The person is called cosplay idol or cosplay model.


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