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Whether you are a kid, a responsible teenager having early part time jobs, a college student or a person member of the working class, learning how to save money is an important lesson to learn. Saving money is a behaviour every person should learn because no one knows when emergency would come.


Besides, rich people say that the key on being rich is having the discipline on saving a part of one’s earnings. Whether you want to be rich or you want to be prepared in times of emergency, saving money is what you should do. According to experts, the first way to save money is to empty your debts list.

It is when you have no debts that you can truly save because you know that the money you are holding is all yours. The saying you cannot move on to the future without fixing your past applies in this situation. Pay your debts first then save.


When you already paid your debts, it is now time to actually save, and in order to do that, one must learn to cut off many of his spending which are really not needed. The basic needs of human beings are food, shelter and clothing. Anything which is not classified in these three may be considered as unnecessary. Collection of books, magazines, cards and other stuff are all unnecessary. You can survive without these things.

To drive you to end your collection, just imagine how much you could have saved if you translated those collection into money. Moreover, magazines and books are already available online, and most of them are for free. Be wise; spend only on what you need. After knowing what things really matters to you and what things are worthy of spending, give yourself a challenge on regularly saving.

Also have a goal on how much you will save every month and how much you should save by the end of the year. As experts would say, treat your savings as expenses so that you will be obliged to save. More than challenging yourself, inspire yourself with the fruit of your savings.

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