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5 Ways to Recruit Students in Your Music School

Recruiting students to undergo vocal training lessons in your music school can actually be done in several ways. Depending on their budget, most successful recruiters actually take advantage and use as many methods as they can to recruit more students. So, if you’re planning to recruit several students into your own music school, here are some recruitment strategies you can use.

Set Your Target Market First

The first and most important step in having a successful recruitment campaign in Singapore is to define your target market. If you haven’t specified your target market yet, then you’ll be having a difficult time in reaching out to your prospective students. Although this may take some effort and thought, you can start it by asking your students as to how they heard of your school, as well as the classes or singing lessons that caught their attention the most. In case you don’t have any students yet, you can come up with a list as to where these people usually gather, the books they read, the websites they visit, and even the stores that they shop in. Collecting these information’s will give you a better idea as to which area you should concentrate your efforts on, as well as the methods you should use to recruit more singing lesson students.

1. Classified or Display Advertising. Display or long-term classified advertising in local papers and publications is one of the traditional recruiting methods that is still effective even today. However, the market that you might target in this recruitment strategy will be the parents of your prospective students, which is also good since they’ll also be the ones who’ll set up and pay for their child’s lessons. Since they appear to be cheaper and more effective compared with other marketing strategies, make sure to include it on your annual budget.

2. Printed Materials. Instead of solely relying on the posters you’ve displayed on the community billboard, hire a professional Singapore graphic designer to create some eye-catching posters, business cards and flyers for you. Place all the important details about your school in these flyers and ask some local shops in your area if you can leave some flyers in their store. This way, they’ll be able to hand out your flyers to customers who happen to be searching for music schools.

3. Internet and Social Media. In this era of technology, the best way to connect with your target market and recruit singing lesson students is through the Internet and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t have the budget to hire a Singapore website developer, you can use the regional and local classified sites to advertise the singing lessons you’re offering. Most of these sites are free, while there are some that charge a monthly or insertion fee. You can also opt to join music teaching forums where prospective students search for people offering music classes near their area. Creating a Facebook account is also a good way to get known by your prospective students.

4. Broadcast Advertising. If you have enough budget to come up with a 30-second ad and broadcast it in any form of media – radio or television – then broadcast advertising is the best recruitment tool for you. Until now, broadcast advertising that shows how much your current students enjoy singing lessons has been known to be the most dominant way to reach out to a large number of prospective customers or students.

5. Word of Mouth. One of the strongest advertising tools in Singapore for your music classes and school is the word of mouth. Make sure that only positive feedbacks will be given to your school by ensuring that each of your sessions are productive and interesting to the students. Coming up with make-up lessons for students who missed some sessions will also help in spreading positive remarks about your school. Asking some parents and students for referrals and testimonials will also be helpful for your recruitment efforts.

Recruiting a good number of students can be quite difficult especially for newly-founded music schools, but by clearly defining your target market and using these marketing strategies, recruiting students can now become easier. So, go ahead and choose the recruitment tool that perfectly fits your prescribed target market.

How to Get Rid of Different Body Odors


Every person has a unique body odor just like we have unique fingerprints. But unusually bad body odors are a turnoff. They may because of bad habits and hygiene, but they can also be indicators of a medical condition that you need to pay attention to.

Bad Breath


Sometimes the food that we eat causes bad breath. Make sure to practice good dental hygiene to avoid this. Brush at least twice a day everyday. Smoking, which can lead to gum diseases and teeth discoloration, and drinking can also cause bad breath.


If you’re taking medication, then that could be the culprit. If it’s persistent, it’s a condition called halitosis. The bacteria which break up acids in your food has accumulated in your mouth.


However, bad breath can be a symptom of a respiratory tract infection, obesity, kidney problems (if your breath smells like fish), diabetes (if it’s sweet smelling) and even cancer.


Stinky Feet


It may be caused by excessive sweating of your feet and the bacteria from your shoes. If your feet sweat a lot it may be a medical condition called plantar hyperhidrosis, which can be treated. You can use antiperspirants, powder and shoe inserts to reduce sweating.


Fungal infections, also called athlete’s foot, can also make your feet stink. These require a different treatment and must be eliminated as soon as possible so it wouldn’t spread. Fungus can’t be washed off after all like regular dirt. There are two types of fungal infections, mycotic nails and foot fungus. Fungal infections can be passed on so be careful not to walk barefoot or share your personal items.

Smelly Urine


Sometimes when you’re using the public toilet, someone before you leaves behind the unnaturally strong smell of their urine.


This can be caused by medical conditions like urinary stones, urinary tract infection (UTI), or maybe your body can’t break down some of the amino acids.


Drink enough water everyday to avoid dehydration. You should also reduce your caffeine intake. It’s a good habit to check the color and cloudiness of your urine as well before flushing. If the smell is persistent, you will need to go to a doctor for tests.


Stinky Sweat


Sweat stinks because the bacteria on your skin break down the acids from your sweat. If it smells sour, then it may be a sign that your body can’t digest fats properly or you’re magnesium-deficient. If your sweat smells sweet, it may be a yeast or bacterial infection or you have a high level of lactic acid in your blood.


Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. Sweat isnt abnormal but you may need a checkup if you start to sweat more than usual.


Reduce your consumption of alcohol and spicy food. Obesity can also cause excessive sweating so you have to monitor your weight and always eat a healthy diet. Take a bath everyday, use an antiperspirant or deodorant after bathing and always wear clean clothes. If your clothes stink even after washing, you may have to replace them.

Common Terms Used in Classical Music


Beginners in classical music might find the titles of the pieces a challenge. What is the difference between symphony and orchestra? Those without a music background might not know the difference of the tempos.

This is a guide to some of the common terms used in the titles of classical music pieces to help you in your discovery of this genre.


Orchestra is mostly made up of an ensemble of stringed instruments. It has two types, the chamber orchestra and the symphony orchestra. Chamber orchestra has fewer musicians than symphony. Philharmonic is another name for symphony orchestra.


Cantata is a piece that uses both vocals and instrumental accompaniment. The type of vocals and movements vary. An example is Jesús bleibet, Cantata 147 by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Concerto may mean several cantatas or a music piece with three movements having a centerpiece, a solo or more instruments, accompanied by an orchestra. An example is Violin Concerto, Op.64 by Felix Mendelssohn.


Opera is a type of drama that uses music accompaniment and vocals. An example is Luciano Pavarotti’s performance of “Nessun Dorma,” the final act of Turandot by Giacomo Puccini.


Sonata is the opposite of cantata which is sung. A sonata is a piece for instrumental interpretation (one or more instruments) which uses different movements. An example is Piano Sonata No 31 in A-flat major, Hob XVI-46 by Franz Joseph Haydn.


Movement simply means the tempo or the speed of the music. Over time, movement came to mean the sections of the different tempo in a piece.

Adagio means music played at a slow tempo. The piece is mellow and subdued like the Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber.


Allegro is the opposite of adagio. It is music played in at quick tempo. An example is Etude Opus. 1 No. 9: Allegro Grazioso by Franz Liszt.


Andante is slightly faster tempo than adagio but slower than allegro. An example is Piano Concerto No. 21 – Andante or “Elvira Madigan” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Scherzo is a movement played in a quick and upbeat manner. The piece is taken from a larger body of work. An example is Scherzo from Sonata in F Major, Hob. XVI:9 by Franz Joseph Haydn.


Fugue uses one or more themes that are imitated or repeated throughout the piece. An example is Fugue in G minor BWV 578 by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Gregorian Chant is also known as plainchant is the earliest form of what we now know as classical music. It is sung with no music accompaniment. An example is Invitatorium: Deum Verum by Etienne de Liege.


Overture means the same thing as prelude. It is an introduction with one movement that serves as an opening for an entire concert.


Suite is a compilation of smaller musical pieces performed in a concert. It used to refer to four to six dances that were made to be performed together. An example is Claude-Achille Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque.

10 Things to Consider When Getting Your First Hair Perm

Are you considering about getting a hair perm? The first thing you need to know about getting a hair perm, which is also called permanent wave, is that it’s a serious hair commitment. If you want to take the plunge, you need to be patient and open-minded with the suggestions and advices of your stylist about the procedure and after-salon care. Before getting a perm, here are the 10 things you should know about this particular hair treatment.

1. It’s a long-term investment

In order for the perm to last long and look more natural, you have to invest on some good hair products. After walking out of the hair salon, you’ll love your new hairstyle, but then you’d probably want to switch up your look every now and then. For this, you will have to use certain hair products to achieve softer or more intensified curls. Also, you will need to use products to keep your hair in place during days when you just don’t have the time to have a very styled-up do.

2. Undamaged hair is the best foundation

If you have already bleached your hair, your locks probably have some damages—this is not good. Getting a perm done on a bleached hair will most likely result in brittle and frayed hair, causing breakage. On the other hand, if you’ve just dyed your hair or had other hair treatment, your hair salon in Singapore will likely advise you to wait. You’ll get more natural-looking and long-lasting results with bare and undamaged hair.

3. The treatment takes awhile

Much like other hair treatments at a trusted hair salon in Singapore you should expect to be in the same seat for hours. To make sure you have enough time for the treatment, have your appointment in the morning or early in the afternoon. It will surely take hours, so make sure you have already had your lunch or at least bring a snack with you before heading to your chosen hair salon in Singapore.

4. Final results may not show up immediately

What you see right after the treatment is not how your hair will be after a few days. Try to remember that, especially when walking out of the hair salon hating your new hair. The perm needs more time to sink into the hair and take shape, so give it one to two days to reach its full result. You’ll see more fabulous curls or waves days after than on the day you got your perm.

5. You can certainly go straight anytime

Just because you have decided to get a perm doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to get your straight hair back. However, if you wish to sport silky straight hair after the treatment, you will need your trustee hair straightener. In days when you want to go straight, make sure to use a heat protectant spray and to deep condition your hair before styling it.

6. Listen to your hairstylist

Your hairstylist would be glad to share with you his or her ideas and new methods to perm your hair. Your hairstylist will be familiar with options you probably haven’t even heard of. The most important thing here is to find the best hair salon in Singapore you can trust, so that you can be sure that your stylist isn’t only after selling their hair services and products to you.

7. Know your hair type

Before getting a perm, take an honest evaluation of your hair. Thick and naturally wavy hair is the easiest to perm. If you have fine, straight hair, you’ll need to work with a good hair salon in Singapore that has a lot of experience with your type of hair. Never attempt to perm your hair yourself even if at-home hair perm products are widely available. Experience in executing the treatment matters a lot in achieving great results.

8. Wash your hair with gentle products

First of all, to achieve perfect perm, do not wash your hair for a day after the treatment. Your new curls will need 24 to 36 hours to reach its permanent and full results, so shampooing definitely isn’t a good idea. After the said time allowance, you are free to wash your hair, but use mild shampoo during the first post-perm week. Specially formulated shampoos for perm-treated hair are available in most drugstores. Simply ask your hair salon expert for brand recommendations.

9. Air drying is the best way for you

You may be in love with the volume and flawlessness you get from blow drying your hair, but that’s impossible after getting a hair perm. You will get a gorgeous, effortless look by simply letting your hair dry on its own, letting the curls shine through and do their own magic. Moreover, the extra heat from blow-drying will only damage the locks, so it’s better to skip the extra heating altogether.

10. There are different types of perming method

There are two types of hair perming methods: hot perm and cold perm. Hot perms need relaxing treatment to prep your hair for further heat, since the hair curling rods require to be heated to create curls and waves on the hair. Cold perms, on the other hand, require your hair to be soaked in alkaline compound, which helps create tighter curls than hot perms. However, just like the previous method, the curls relax and loosen over time.

In order to guarantee best result, the most crucial thing is to choose the best hair salon in Singapore. The more experienced the hair salon you choose, the prettier and more long-lasting curls you’ll get.

Why We Need to Have Mobility Cars


For a long time, individuals with disabilities had trouble using automobiles, particularly entering and going out. This prevented them from doing something normal men and women could possibly perform—easily travel around. They had to depend on their loved ones or colleagues to accomplish things such as shopping as well as paying the bills for them. However, not anymore! Today’s technology has resulted in the production of mobility cars.

All these vehicles are particularly created to conveniently accommodate handicapped individuals. You might be asking yourself if you have to upgrade your car to a mobility vehicle or you will need to swap your automobile for just one of the several mobility cars available. Here are some of the explanations why you need to spend money on these types of car.

The market for vehicles is becoming bigger

One problem that could be holding you back from getting a mobility car is that you are not certain if the kind of automobile you need is in the market. Sure, having a mobility automobile is excellent, but what if you are merely able to find a mobility vehicle instead of a van? You probably wanted a van so that you and all of your relatives can go together. But do not trouble yourself, the market for mobility vehicles continues to grow so large that you could get different varieties of vehicles.

One can find mobility automobiles, vans, and SUVs. Simply take a look at different mobility shops to view everything that they provide. Other than different types of vehicles, you also have the choice to select vehicles which are either new, almost new, or second-hand. This could possibly help you with budgeting concerns. Regardless of what you are searching for, it’s now available for sale!

Dealers are there to help you

Just like getting a typical vehicle, getting a mobility vehicle would require some investigation. You need to know how you can get the perfect automobile to suit your needs. If you think you don’t have the practical expertise to make that decision, there are actually mobility agents you can talk to. They are really well-informed in the several types of automobiles and can lead you to the one you want.

Some agents will likely offer you a live demonstration without any obligation in order to make it easier to decide. Acquiring mobility cars will do amazing things when you have a handicapped member of the family or perhaps you yourself is in that condition. Disabled individuals shouldn’t be left out on family trips. Mobility vehicles can be just one of the greatest assets you could have.

Tips to Finding a Dentist Patients Trust


Looking for a professional dentist shouldn’t be rushed. Remember that you owe it to yourself to ensure that you’re trusting the right people to help you look after your oral health. Going to the wrong individuals will only cost you more and worse, lead to serious health problems you could have otherwise prevented.

Here are a few tips to choosing a reliable dentist:


Ask for recommendations. In case you’re moving to another location, you might want to ask your current dentist for recommendations. They probably know trusted dental professionals or even emergency dentist near your new home. If you don’t have a current dentist, you can as well ask your physician if they know someone they could refer to you. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family too. They can also relay to you important information about the dentist, their staff, and their services, for example, teeth whitening. They could advise whether the team is being helpful with their concerns and are easy to talk to.


Look into their experience. You’d want to ensure that the dentist has years of experience practicing the procedure you’re interested in. For instance, if you’re looking to undergo teeth whitening procedures, it will help give you peace of mind knowing that your dentist indeed specialises in it. A dentist would be more than happy to talk to you about their experience with their previous patients. They would be proud to share stories from their pool of happy clients.

Review customer feedback. Dentists who have kept a positive track record among their clients would be happy to share with you testimonials or even photos from procedures they have performed. You might want to get in touch with the patients when you can. They are the best people to ask if the dentist has been accommodating with all their concerns. There’s nothing wrong looking at the customer feedback on the dentist’s website, but statements coming from the patients, themselves, will always be more credible.


Ask questions about the technology they use. Dentists now use state of the art equipment especially in situations where dental emergencies arise. You need an emergency dentist who would be able to assess and treat dental emergencies. They should be equipped with the right paraphernalia and skills to handle any situation, at any time.


One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. It helps a lot then, that your smile is warm and inviting. If you want to achieve a perfect smile, you need to look beyond repairing crooked teeth. It’s as well essential to keep your mouth healthy. With constant exposure to food debris along with other harmful habits, your teeth could easily suffer from damages. Coloured beverages such as coffee and soda, for one, can lead to teeth discolouration. Grinding your teeth unconsciously can also damage your tooth enamel.


A professional dentist would be able to help you enhance the appearance of your smile and at the same time promote your overall oral health. They will be able to help you decide which latest technique or procedure available in the market today would best address your needs.

Tips to Refine Your Photography


Photography is for everybody but you need to refine your skills if you want to make a name. Capturing breath-taking photos is the main goal of photographers. Before you become so good at it, you will have to be novice first. You are not expected to be that good at the onset. To help you with this, you should know some tricks on refining you skill.


Here are some hacks on refining your photography:

  • Shoot every day: If you shoot every day, you will get better at it. It is preferable if you have a DSLR kit but if you do not have one as of the moment, a camera phone can be of great help. Just point and shoot regardless of the camera. The important thing is you make pictures and the type of camera doesn’t matter.


  • Keep cameras within your reach: You have to remember that breath-taking moments can happen anytime and if you do not want to miss the opportunities of capturing it, keep your cameras within your reach. You never know what you will see so always bring something.


  • Take time reading the manual: If you are using a DSLR camera, it can be pretty overwhelming for newbies. The best solution is to read the manual before actually using it. Yes, reading a manual is boring but a night or two can tell you a lot of things. Just remember that you need to read in order to capture good photos.


  • Know thy gear: Part of knowing your gear is to read the manual. It pays if you know the settings of your camera. Before pointing or shooting at something, make sure you are using the correct settings.


  • Change your perspective: Yes, you can settle with eye level but where is the fun in that. People are already seeing the world from eye level. If you take pictures from eye level, it doesn’t create a magical feel. It is time that you change your perspective or angle. Take professional photographers, they constantly defy the normal and look for new perspectives. Your goal here is to let the world see other angles.


  • Learn from workshops: You cannot learn everything on your own that is why you have to consider the input of other people. You will meet many people from workshops. So next time you hear a photography workshop, make time for it.

There are many photographers here in Singapore – professional and those who just love it for fun. Whatever you decide, make sure that you love what you do because creating breath-taking photos will follow.


Guidelines in Picking a Password


A recent study conducted by MasterCard revealed that an average of ten accounts, applications or devices are owned by one person for which he/she has to enter password eight times a day. Entering password is an easy task however the challenge here is remembering it. MasterCard said that only 16% never forget their password – the rest (which is 84%) forget it.


Indeed it is hard to recall different passwords for different accounts that is why we reuse same passwords for almost all accounts. The problem with this is that it is prone to hacking. Once someone or something discovers it, it is easy to navigate through your accounts getting valuable information from club membership to bank accounts. News of hacking is not new here in Singapore.

In fact, the study revealed that most people use their birthdays, pet names and family names when establishing password. These passwords are actually easy for hackers to gain access. How can you protect yourself from unauthorized access to your accounts? The good news is that there are different security countermeasures that you can consider these days.

With the risk of hacking getting higher, systems already placed different security countermeasures to protect client information. For example, online security is looking into the use of biometrics. If one needs to confirm identity, one simply needs to scan their fingerprints. MasterCard is also developing a technology called “Selfie Pay” which encourages the client to use camera to take selfie. This is a part of the authentication process.

Since these technologies are not yet available, here are some guidelines in picking password:


  • Combine things – It is easy to remember things like birthday and year but you have to know that these passwords are very weak. If you want a strong password, combine everything from numbers to letters and other characters.


  • Keep it long – It is easy to remember short numbers but it is prone to hacking. To make password strong, you have to keep it long – preferably eight characters long but the ideal would be sixteen.


  • Choose right – Do not ever think of using names, birthdays, phone numbers or locations. It is like a dead giveaway.


  • Use cases right – It is also advisable to combine lower and upper cases. This will make your password stronger.


  • Don’t let other website remember your password – When you go to a website and asking you to sign up for something, do not freely let them remember password.

These are just some of the guidelines. Online security is important therefore it should not be ignored.


3 Hacks to Make Moving Out Less Stressful


You can get easily excited with the idea of moving out and living independently for the first time.  However, when the idea of ‘real life’—house chores, rental fees, electric bills—starts to sink in, the feeling of excitement suddenly turns into dread. So, how are you supposed to manage all those expenses?


Before you go running back to mom and dad, read through these tips to make it easier for you to move out of the house for the first time. With a bit of planning and a few of these easy-to-pull hacks, living independently won’t seem to be as daunting.

  1. Ask Someone To Do the Lifting

Hiring movers may seem like an extra expense, but you will thank yourself for doing it later on. You already have so much going on to figure out how to get your sofa up to the 10th floor or worrying about a strained back due to lifting heavy boxes. A professional team of movers will make moving easy, quick, and painless—at least, until you have decided how to arrange those knick-knacks you brought with you. Just make sure to look for a team that’s experienced and insured, and search them up online for reviews before handing them your money.


  1. Learn to Cook Simple Meals

One of the expensive expenses of people in Singapore is food. Take-outs, fast food meals, and frozen pre-made meals cost much more than homemade meals and are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Learn to cook simple meals by first knowing your local grocery shop. That’s where you’ll find foods in their best and natural state. Familiarize the bulk section of the shop as well, where you can get large amounts of cereals, oats, rice, and other staples at typically lower places.

  1. Budget Realistically

With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to get a picture of your expenditure and create a day-to-day budget. You can do this either using an Excel sheet or a mobile app. There are free mobile applications that can be linked to your bank account(s) to seamlessly import your spending information. From there, you can monitor your expenses, set saving goals, and even get notifications if you’re close to your budget limit. With such feature, not only will it make budgeting easier, but it will train you for a more manageable adult life.

Moving out of your parent’s house and living independently means you are responsible of yourself. Although this independence could mean more than just hiring movers, learning how to cook, and creating a reasonable budget, these three hacks will save you from the embarrassment of running back to your parent’s house.


Resumé Tricks That Will Get You Hired


Do you know that employers spend an average of six seconds skimming through a resume before deciding whether an applicant is worth their time for an interview? In just six seconds, they’ll scan through your work experiences, special skills, education background and everything else you’ve included in your resume.


This is why the way you organize and present your resume is critical: it may just be a simple piece of document, but it can decide your future. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to make your resume look appealing to a prospect employer.

Make Every Resume Unique

No two resumes should be the same. Do not just read the posting, but study it as well. Find at least three traits that the listing needs and incorporate it to your resume. Likewise, make sure to research about the company and know the role and tasks of the vacant position. Having a clear idea of the company’s history and mission statement, researching them online and following them on social media will benefit you in the interview and help tailor your resume better.

Format It Smartly

If an employer only goes through your resume for an average of six seconds, make sure that you highlight the most important points about you. Underlining, bolding and italicizing are great ways to draw attention to vital points of your resume. Also, using bullet points is recommended as it adds clarification to your resume, while making it easy for the reader to see key points.


Tweak Your Objective Statement

Nowadays, the ‘objective statement’ portion of a resume is no longer a priority. Most employers today do not care what you are looking for in a job, but more on finding the best person for the job. Instead of expressing what you want and expect in your future workplace, create a summary that states your most recent job experiences and top achievements. This lets the employer see the positive things going on in your career, not why you want this job.

Show Off Your Side Gigs

Perhaps, your current 9-to-5 job doesn’t let you show your brilliance and creativity, but you have a side gig as an event organizer. Find a way to incorporate that to your resume. Share some of your remarkable projects that show off your skills, passion, drive and creativity. If it’s something you do other than your full-time job, then that must be really meaningful to you. Doing two or more jobs at the same time is enough to give a prospect employer an impression of your perseverance, great time management and exceptional drive to be successful.

The key to landing your dream job is to showcase your passion to a potential employer, but do so in a thoughtful, fun and smart way. And if an employer doesn’t see your essence, it’s their loss, not yours. Move on to the next company that will give importance to you and to your mad skill.


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