7 Tips for Caring for Your Sneakers

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Whether you call them sneakers, trainers, or the more hip-sounding “kicks”, it’s no denying that athletic shoes are not just the perfect exercise footwear, they’re also quite fashionable. Here’s how to keep them in the best condition:


1. Brushing is key. Sneakers use more types of materials compared to, say, leather shoes. So, to maintain its quality, sneakers require different brushes, including a hog bristle brush (for extra stiffness), a soft horse hair brush, and a microfiber cloth for extra polish.

2. Do regular maintenance. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any stains on your shoes as soon as possible.

3. Keep a cleaning pack. Store a pack – preferably Mr Hare or Jason Markk – at your home, at the gym or even at your office for a thorough cleanup when the need arises. Your sneakers would look like it’s straight from the box after each cleaning.


4. Rotate your kicks. A true-blue sneakerhead ought to have a set of sneakers he could rotate wearing so as to slow the deterioration of each pair.

5. Suede special care. Suede looks more stylish but are more prone to damage, so make sure to use a suede protector if there’s suede in your sneakers.

6. Keep it smelling fresh. Singapore’s hot climate makes our feet sweat more. To avoid nasty smells, keep your sneakers dry when not in use and then apply a fragrance spray to further minimize any odor.

7. Mind your laces. To care for your laces, simply soak it in a solution of soap and warm water and then dry using a hairdryer.


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