3 Hacks to Make Moving Out Less Stressful

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You can get easily excited with the idea of moving out and living independently for the first time.  However, when the idea of ‘real life’—house chores, rental fees, electric bills—starts to sink in, the feeling of excitement suddenly turns into dread. So, how are you supposed to manage all those expenses?


Before you go running back to mom and dad, read through these tips to make it easier for you to move out of the house for the first time. With a bit of planning and a few of these easy-to-pull hacks, living independently won’t seem to be as daunting.

  1. Ask Someone To Do the Lifting

Hiring movers may seem like an extra expense, but you will thank yourself for doing it later on. You already have so much going on to figure out how to get your sofa up to the 10th floor or worrying about a strained back due to lifting heavy boxes. A professional team of movers will make moving easy, quick, and painless—at least, until you have decided how to arrange those knick-knacks you brought with you. Just make sure to look for a team that’s experienced and insured, and search them up online for reviews before handing them your money.


  1. Learn to Cook Simple Meals

One of the expensive expenses of people in Singapore is food. Take-outs, fast food meals, and frozen pre-made meals cost much more than homemade meals and are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Learn to cook simple meals by first knowing your local grocery shop. That’s where you’ll find foods in their best and natural state. Familiarize the bulk section of the shop as well, where you can get large amounts of cereals, oats, rice, and other staples at typically lower places.

  1. Budget Realistically

With today’s technology, it’s never been easier to get a picture of your expenditure and create a day-to-day budget. You can do this either using an Excel sheet or a mobile app. There are free mobile applications that can be linked to your bank account(s) to seamlessly import your spending information. From there, you can monitor your expenses, set saving goals, and even get notifications if you’re close to your budget limit. With such feature, not only will it make budgeting easier, but it will train you for a more manageable adult life.

Moving out of your parent’s house and living independently means you are responsible of yourself. Although this independence could mean more than just hiring movers, learning how to cook, and creating a reasonable budget, these three hacks will save you from the embarrassment of running back to your parent’s house.


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