5 Brand of Cars that is Popular in Singapore

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Indeed! Singapore is country where there are many things to boast. Aside that it is known for its cleanliness, it is also known for its low crime rate due to strict implementation of laws. Apart from achieving these awards, Singapore is also known for marketing automobile in the nation. In fact, they are in demand because many Singaporeans tend to choose to own cars rather than ride public vehicles like MRT’s, taxis and buses.

For Singaporeans, cars don’t only mean transportation but it means the life status of a person. While public vehicles are more convenient and fast, cars are more important to most Singapore citizens. Here, are the lists of the top 5 car brands that has landed in the beautiful island Singapore.


This car brand has different models intended for family, business and leisure. Hyundai makes its name on the lovely places of Singapore.


Nothing to ask for because this is a brand of car indicates prestige. By the name itself, no wonders that it is an expensive one.


As a worldwide known brand that is typically seen on car racing. Today, it has developed new cars to continue serving Singapore clients.5814230127_52a2cc6485_o


One of the best brands in Singapore, Toyota is unique in many ways. One example is its premium safety system that will enable passengers as well as drivers to be careful at all times.


Nissan is a well organized brand that is trusted for years of excellence. After they have conquered Singapore, it boosts their market, thus, making them one of the big names when it talks about cars.

As technology advances, many car brands continue to pour off what they’ve got in order to achieve its customers demand. In fact, a lot of car names in Singapore are lucky enough that many Singaporeans loves to own cars, thus, making the market grow and become in demand.


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