5 Time Management Apps Worth Trying Out


No one can dispute the numerous benefits that technology has brought us. It allowed us to perform, connect and improve our resources beyond our imagination. It gave us numerous applications that helped us in staying fit and living a healthy life. Now, it’s offering the following applications that you can use to optimize your time, and help you deal with your time management challenges.


  1. Remember the Milk. If you’re struggling to manage everything that you have to do and you’re working with different devices, then this application is for you. It’s a great tool that’s compatible with your computer, mobile, outlook and Gmail. Not only will this help in managing your tasks easily, it’ll also serve as a reminder of the task that you still need to do.


  1. Evernote. Unlike other apps, Evernote is a productivity tool that allows you to capture your thoughts and ideas in different ways. You can even record your ideas, interviews, meetings and speeches with this app. Aside from that, you can also add voice and text attachments, create lists and even share files with your friends. What’s even better is that you can also sync it with the Remember the Milk app to further optimize your time.


  1. Toggl. Tired of working with time sheets in tracking the time you need to spend on your projects? Then try Toggl. Using this app, you’ll now know exactly how much time you’ll spend working on your projects as well as how you can manage them more effectively.


  1. Mind42. Mind-mapping is one of the greatest productivity technique that you can use to effectively manage your tasks, and Mind42 is the best app for this. With this app, you get to become more organized by focusing your thoughts and gaining clarity on what really needs to be done.


  1. MyLifeOrganized. Find it difficult to manage your tasks, to-do lists and goals? Then check out MyLifeOrganized. This management system helps you target what you should be focusing on. It automatically generates a to-do list that you can use to track your work progress methodically.

Managing your time and organizing your work life has become easier now, thanks to these mobile and computer applications. So start downloading any of these apps now and make everything a tad easier for you.


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