Creative Ways to Bond With Your Toddler

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Gone are the days wherein your child lies on his back – happy and content just by looking at the dangling toys above him. Gone are the nights when you can cuddle him as he sleeps peacefully beside you. Your child is now a toddler and is now capable of escaping from you when you try to smother him with hugs and kisses.

Father and daughter laughing and bonding

As you see how your child prefers to walk and tinker with toys scattered on every corner of the house, you cannot help but miss the tiny baby who was in need of milk and hugs for 24/7.

Once your child enters the phase of being a toddler and starts to explore things on his own, parents are challenged to think of creative ways to continue the bonding with their child. Never mind that your child do not need unlimited hugs and milk from you anymore because these activities will surely enable you to continue bonding with your child even during his toddler years.

  1. Establish a family routine. Quality time with your child is best spent in family routines. Allot ample time in the morning and in the evening for these daily activities. For instance, having breakfast with the whole family will teach your child the importance of eating together.


Talking about the importance of nutrition and asking your child what he intends to do for the day is such a nice starter for a brand new day! The same is true with eating dinner together. Ending the day with family meal time will give him an impression of the value of quality time, not only during his toddler years, but more so as he grows older!


  1. Engage in pretend-play. The toddler stage is full of toys and pretend-play. Join your child as he pretends his toys are real-life superhero characters. This will encourage him to widen his imagination and will further enhance his communication skills. Pay close attention to his preferences. Your child will appreciate your time together and will always look forward to this bonding activity. As he grows older, he will remember how his parents were able to enjoy spending time with him and his robots.


  1. Bring him to errands. Instead of hiring a baby-sitter or leaving him with relatives for a quick errand, let him tag along. This will be an exciting adventure out of his daily schedule. Tell him where you are both going and tell him about the details of the errand – whether it be for grocery or for paying the bills. You will be surprised at how much he will enjoy this trip with you.


  1. Rock him to sleep. Bonding with your toddler before he dozes off to dreamland is also significant for his emotional needs. Most parents use this chance to read or sing to their child. This is a good form of relaxation both to parent and child. This will also allow the child to have good sleeping habits as he is able to follow a regular time for sleeping – in turn, giving the parents a regular sleeping time too!

Toddlers are a handful in a good way. As they continue to marvel around their surroundings, they will still need the guidance of their parents. Even when they discover the beauty of independence, they will continue to appreciate how their parents enjoy spending quality time with them!


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