Even Celebrities Have Ghostly Encounters Too


Have you ever had a ghostly encounter? How did you feel about it?

Just recently, actor Chen Han Wei encountered the supernatural as the eerie photo of him with two of his friends revealed a woman and a child behind him. This incident happened while they were in the jungles of Singapore for the filming of “Ghost Child”.

Chen said that the movie was filmed in the middle of the lunar seventh month. This was also just about the same time he was born. Oddly, the medium they consulted said that there will be no problems if they make the movie during that time.


Although the woman and the child does not appear to be spooking the Singaporean actor, Carmen Soo, however, admitted to be very superstitious with the matter.

The local model and actress said that she always utter prayers at every filming location for everyone to be safe. In a scene with another actor who was supposed to be searching unsystematically and untidily through the drawers behind her, the actor rehearsed his part for so many times just so nothing could go wrong. However, when the camera rolled, he accidentally cut himself on the hand and the blood dripped.

The creepy part of that supernatural encounter is that the crew was told not to bring food to the filming location, and that actor was the only person who didn’t have knowledge of the rule. He was also the only person who got injured during the filming.

“Ghost Child” is a film about a family who begins to experience strange happenings in their house after the father (Chen Han Wei) comes back home with an enigmatic woman he plans to marry.

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