Features of the Best Electric Car for Kids

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I try to be very selective as a parent when it comes to the things I give my little ones. I guess every parent in Singapore can relate to not giving everything but only the best to their kids. This applies to the toys I allow my little ones to play with. An electric car is something that I can splurge on my kids since it’s not just fun to play with but are also great in helping them develop their motor skills. I’m also very particular when it comes to a toy’s features.


I’d like to share what features you should look for when choosing an electric car for your kid.

Choose one that comes with safety features

An electric car with safety brakes, seat belt, and just the right speed level for your kid is important. This will not just ensure a smooth and fun ride for the kids but will also set every parent’s mind at ease. Knowing that there are safety features to control the speed limit or to guide beginner drivers are something every parent would want to look into an electric car.

Choose one with a good balance

Check if the electric car has a good balance by letting your child do some test run on it or by simply pushing the ride on toy. An electric car with a good balance will minimize the chances of tipping over, falling, or colliding while being driven by your kid. Who wants to ride on something that can easily tip over?


Choose between a pedal and battery-operated vehicle

Now this is something you may want to decide on as a parent. There are options for a pedal-driven car and for a battery-operated car on all age groups so you need to determine which one you’d want your kid to ride on. Both vehicles have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages as well so you may have to think hard on this one.

Choose one with that’s appropriate for your child’s age

Lastly, you’d want to check on the age rates found on the boxes to determine if an electric car is right for your kid. You may also want to factor in your child’s height and weight and how fast the child grows. Your child may only be three years old but already big enough for an electric car that’s recommended for kids of four age and up.


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