Five Golden Rules of Nutrition

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The Singapore Health Promotion Board is encouraging all people to observe and practice healthy lifestyle. These days, many illnesses and diseases spurt because of lifestyle. Remember that you can change your lifestyle if you are willing but sometimes it is hard to be on the right track. You have to think of many things to be healthy and every so often it is easier to just forget about it and eat whatever you like.

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With this, there are five golden rules of nutrition. These rules are easy to remember. If you follow these tips, it will set you on your way to a balanced and healthier diet without you noticing. Here are the five golden rules of nutrition:

  • Always eat your breakfast: After not eating the whole night, you have to rev up the body’s engine by eating a quality breakfast. You have to eat especially if you feel lethargic when you wake up. You will feel better after eating some. The best breakfast include porridge topped with dried or fresh fruits. Cereals will do but avoid sugar coated varieties.


  • Remember to hydrate: If you notice unusual fatigueless, lethargy, dizziness and hunger, it is your body’s sign that you are dehydrated. Think of this – your body is majorly composed of water and filling it with fluids is very important. You can take natural fluids and water for better hydration.


  • Take 20: This sounds difficult but once you are used to it, it will be easy. Take at least twenty different healthy foods every day and eat it. This is to ensure that you fuel the body with a wide range of nutrients and you will be guaranteed that you get the vitamins, trace elements and mineral. This will surely make your meals more interesting.


  • Limit salt: If you cannot live without salt, at least limit its consumption. Salt can enhance the flavor and since it is the cheapest flavor enhancer in the market, many foods consider it. Remember that the maximum daily recommended salt intake is 5 to 6 grams and with all the foods available, it is easy to take more without you noticing.


  • Do not eat late: There is an old adage worth considering. It says eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and diner like a pauper. Your body does not need a large meal before hibernating to sleep.

That should do it. Remembering these five golden rules is easy. Now it is just a matter of action or implementation and sustaining it. Being healthy demands hard work but it should not bother you because it is the body. Without the right nutrition, you are like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. That is a waste.


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