How to Avoid Car Accidents: Being Vigilant

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There was a fatal car accident in Bukit Batok last July 4, 2012. The victim died. The decision was released last September 3, 2013. The decision stated that the perpetrator should pay $8000. In addition, the perpetrator is forbidden to drive for five years.

Some people say that accidents happen but we are better than that. We can actually prevent or at least minimize accidents if we are serious about it. We should get lesson from this fatal accident. We do not want to be fined or worse, kill someone because of our negligence. Here are some ways on preventing or minimizing accidents:


Always wear seatbelts. We are often reminded to wear our seatbelts all the time. Even if its near, you should wear it. If you have a long journey, do not forget about your seatbelts no matter how uncomfortable you must feel.

Always check the car. Before taking the car into a drive, you should make sure that it is in the right condition. You should always check the lights, tire, fuel, brake and many more. You can ask expert mechanics to check your car or you can do simple checking. When you feel something is wrong, it is imperative that you call for help.

Be on the lookout. You should be vigilant all the time. Sleep can deter your senses. If you are sleepy, do not drive or pull over. By being vigilant, you also need to read road signs and more importantly, the traffic lights. You should also take note of your mirrors.

Do not text and drink while driving. Avoid texting while driving. If you need to make a quick call, make sure that you put it in loudspeaker so you don’t need to hold it. If you are drinking, look for a replacement driver or not drive at all.

Please be careful on the road.

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