How to Find Contentment during Your 20s

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Most women struggle finding a good level of contentment in their 20s. Challenges and uncertainties during these formative years make even those who are happy feel unsettled or anxious. To help you, we’ve listed down five ways on how you can find contentment in your life now, and make this decade the most satisfying time in your life.


  1. Start a One-Sentence Journal

Keeping a one-sentence journal is more manageable way of writing down your thoughts. Get into the habit of writing down one thought every day. If it’s positive, your day will end on a grateful and reflective note; if not, you’ll manage to get the negative feelings on paper and out of your system. A one-sentence journal has the power to show meaningful moments of days that seem forgettable to you.

  1. Focus on One Aspect of Your Life at a Time

When things start feeling off, it’s tempting to think that you need to overhaul your life. But instead of quitting your job and moving somewhere else, think about the things that are troubling you and focus on that. The negative aspect in your life might be the source of the anxiety and pessimism you’re feeling in your life. So focus on working out this area of your life first, and watch as to how the other parts fall into place.

  1. Learn New Things

Dissatisfaction often comes from feeling stagnant. If most areas of your life is set on routine, then a lack of growth and movement might be the issue. So stave off your restlessness by embarking on a new project, skill, or task. Break away from your routine, and engage in activities like gardening or attending a ballet class. Whatever the project is, set your mind into it and embrace the feeling of growth.


  1. Care for Yourself

Our physical and mental selves are more closely linked than we think. Every time we feel unhappy, we tend to sacrifice exercising, sleeping, and healthy eating – and a lack of these things is what causes us to feel unmotivated and lethargic. So stop getting into this unhealthy cycle by giving yourself the care that you need. After all, the better you’ll feel physically, the better you’ll feel mentally.

  1. Do Something Good to Feel Good

Engaging in volunteering works promotes contentment in various ways. It allows you to see a new perspective in life that makes you feel grateful for what you have, and it lifts your spirit through spreading joy and support to those who need it the most.

Finding contentment during the formative years can be quite challenging, but by following these tips, you’ll surely be able to find the feeling of satisfaction that you’ve always wanted.


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