How to Tame a Party Animal Boyfriend

Relationship Woes and Advice

We love our guy just the way he is. There are times that we even tolerate his party-raging friends just to be with him. If we are too busy to join him, we just let him be and let him enjoy the partying because it is his life. We have to respect that because it is part of who he is. However, there are times that we wish we can spend more time with our boyfriend in tranquillity.

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We should not think of changing the ways of our boyfriend because by then he will realize we are just like his mother – controlling. As much as possible we do not want that. We only want to have a positive effect on him so he will calm down and appreciate the ease of relaxing. This seems easy to speak but hard to do. With some tricks, we can turn our guy’s world upside down – with his permission of course (we do not want to be imposing).

Here are some tricks that we can consider:

  • Organize your own house party. If our guy loves to party, why not bring the party to his house? This is starting slow. We do not want to deprive him of socializing. House parties are a great way to bring over an intimate group of selected buddies to spend a fun night in the house. Our guy will surely appreciate the fun of a house party.


  • Going for date nights. After introducing our guy to house parties, it is time that we conduct themed party nights. Like for example, we can conduct Italian or Chinese dinner nights where we both learn to cook dishes together and have more dinners in the house.


  • Organize trivia nights. If our parents or his parents are around, it is good if we organize some fun activities such as trivia nights or game nights inside the house. We are enjoying the comforts of the house and at the same time we are having fun.


  • Go camping. If he really wants to go out, why not take him out and experience a laid-back life? Maybe he will love it. We can have a camping or even biking. Spending the night outside under the sky can have a positive effect on our boyfriend.

This should be enough. If he still craves for the partying, we have to air out our concern and maybe he will understand. We will decide then how to proceed. We have to balance our indoor and outdoor activities for a healthier relationship. Singapore offers a lot of party life but home is where the heart is.


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