The Truth About Homebirth


There are mothers who prefer to give birth at home. In their homes, they are surrounded with many people that can give them support. When the baby is born, the crowd will surely welcome him/her. That looks appealing but the fact remains that mothers and their babies are in danger because of unforeseen complications. With this, healthcare providers are encouraging mothers to give birth in hospitals.


According to Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths (CEMD) from 2006-2008, home delivery is 5 times risky than giving birth to the hospital. If you still want to pursue homebirth, it is your choice. Know that healthcare professionals are doubtful of the process. Homebirth is acceptable but mothers should know when to consider it. Here are some truths about homebirth:

  • When to consider it: For mothers who are expecting a smooth delivery (because they are healthy and they do not have any chronic illness), they can consider homebirth. If they consider it, mothers should make sure that there are trained birth attendants present. It would be great if the house is near the hospital so in cases of mishap, she will be taken to the hospital right away.

When not to consider it: For mothers who are having health problems (high blood pressure or diabetes), they should consider the hospital to avoid any mishap. Homebirths are not encouraged. If the mother thinks that she could not stand the pain of labour, she should consider the hospital. Apart from that, the mother should consider hospital birth when she previously experienced caesarean delivery.


  • How do you organize one: If you want homebirth, talk to your doctor about it. Do not be surprised when your doctor discourages it. It is rare here in Singapore to consider or think about homebirth. Women choose water birth or labouring in the pool. The first step is to look for doula services by speaking to parent centres. Your chosen doula will take care of everything.
  • Who will be present during homebirth: When your labour starts, you should call your doula right away. Your doula will come immediately and be with you until you give birth. She will also update your doctor. If your doula thinks that birth is forthcoming, she will call your doctor. If you want other people to partake in this ritual, you can invite many. It is your home after all.

It will be your discretion but you should always think about complications and your baby. Of course, to be safe and sure, it is advisable to give birth in the hospital. Giving birth is a joyful event, do not let it stress you. Good luck!


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