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You are curious of the new National Gallery Singapore that is why you want to visit it. However, you realized that you are not an art patron. You cannot possibly enjoy the visit because it is full of art that you do not understand. That is not a problem.


The new gallery is the biggest museum in the world that houses Southeast Asian arts with budget of $532 million. In fact, it is larger than Tate Modern in London. It would be a waste not to visit it and discover what it has to offer.

Even if you are not an art patron, you can still enjoy the gallery. Aside from lingering over artworks and trying to decipher what it means, here are other things that you can try there:

  • The holding cell experience: You do not want to go to jail but if you want to experience what it really feels to be into one, the best place to head is the new gallery. One of the gallery features holding cell where suspects are brought before their trials.


  • The “social table” experience: If the exhibits become too boring, you can marvel over the “social table”. The touch screen platform will allow you to discover more about artists and other art works.
  • The explorer experience: The National Gallery launched an application that can guide you through the inner workings of art – you will never get lost. All you need to do is download it.
  • The dining experience: Not all galleries house famous restaurants. National Gallery offers many restaurants and eateries.
  • The gift shop experience: To secure a memoir of your visit, you can consider the gift shop. A nice umbrella for example only costs $55.90.

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