Acting: The Craft of Lying Convincingly  


A lot of people can lie perfectly. There are a lot of individuals who are expert in lying. Like many good professionals, a good liar honed his talent through application. Years of experience is needed when we talks about lying. For an average person, lying is hard. Sometimes, most people shiver or sweat whenever they lie.


Most People are Poor Liars

Usually, when a person is not an expert liar, he can easily be caught through his emotions and through that he can be successful on his next plan. However, there are also individuals who can detect a human if he is lying. Yes, emotions can catch a liar on his own bait. When you see that he is acting too smart, it something unusual.


Detecting Fake Emotions

Liars like your favorite actors or actor can cry whenever it is needed, they can also get angry or feel sad. But the bottom line here is that, the person that can do this is lying. Take for instance a mother kills her son. Normally, a mother’s reaction will cry. However, this is not the end of the story because the mother here is the suspect.

If you are going to interrogate her for a period, she will decline and one of her reason is that she is in mourning with his son. This is very crucial as an investigator because it is a battle of respect and work. But if you can do something that can lead to the confession of a prime suspect, it’s good. But if it is not, the only thing you can do is wait until evidences comes in your way naturally.


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