The Right Things to Answer during Job Interviews  


There are Singaporeans that find it easy to look for a job here but there are others that feel otherwise. Looking for job here in Singapore is challenging but you can rise from it and get that spot right away. Acing an interview is a good start.


When you are nervous, you do not answer properly, that is quite understandable but it will decrease your chances of getting that job. The secret is answering the questions about your hobbies properly. Do you know why employers ask about your hobbies? Simple, your hobbies speak a lot about you.

So, here are some pointers on how to answer queries about your hobbies:


  • Team oriented: Your answer should show that you are team oriented. Employers need to know that you are team oriented since you will work with the group. You can cite activities like playing or volunteering in project. Your boss will perceive you differently.
  • Leadership skills: Your boss needs to know that you can lead a group. You have to cite hobbies that exemplifies this skill. For example, organizing the community tree planting activity and the likes.
  • Well rounded: Your boss has to know that you can be versatile given the situation. You have to show that you can do more than your job description. If you mentioned an assortment of your hobbies, your boss will think that you will thrive in anything.
  • Passion: The hiring officer needs to see that passion burning inside you. You can tell a hobby that you are passionate about. This will give the officer an idea of what you are capable of and that you are enjoying what you do.

Hopefully this can make a difference.


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