Choosing the Best Paint Colours for Your House

Home Painting

Your house is a reflection of your personality. From the Singapore interior design to the set of furniture you have, each and every detail speaks of your individuality. In addition, the colour of every room resonate different images, ideas, and emotions.


In choosing paint colours for your house needs deliberation as there are some important things you need to think through. You cannot just pick any colour you see fit. Painting your house can really be a confusing task as colours may clash, or may not complement the architecture.

Think of the History

The first thing you need to consider is the history of the house. Is it your Singapore grandparents’ property? For an older house, you might want to consider using a historical colour scheme in your painting comapny. To make things easy, you can hire a person who is an expert in analysing old paint chips so you can restore the house’s original colours.

Vivify the Past

You can also choose to enliven your house with painting services if it used to be a property of your grandparents. So instead of using a historical colour scheme to restore the house’s original colours, you can have modern colours for dramatic effect.

Get Ideas from Surroundings

Look at what surrounds you—the houses next to you and the landscape. Your surroundings can give you some ideas on what paint colours to use for your own house. Just keep in mind not to make your house exactly identical to your neighbour’s. Furthermore, if you’re surrounded by plants and trees, you might want to have an earthy palette of brown and green for your exteriors.


Harmonize the Colours with Existing Ones

Certainly, your house has a few features that do not need some paint work anymore. Examples are brick walls and vinyl windows. You might also have railings and a staircase. You need to decide whether you will have these features painted with new colours or just stick with their existing colours. If you want to paint them anew, make sure to choose a colour scheme that will go with the colours that are already present.

Look at Your Living Room

What are the colours of your furnishings? Are there any patterns? The fittings, furniture, and other decorative objects in your living room such as carpets and curtains can guide you in choosing the best paint colour for your interiors. Consequently, the painting services interior paint colours can influence your selection of exterior paint colours. Your main objective here is to make all paint colours, for interior and exterior, blend with each other.

Choose Light for Size

Lighter hues can make a space appear bigger than what its actual size suggests, which is why if you have noticed, hotels are often painted ivory or white. If you want to create an illusion of space in your house, choose a light colour scheme. Furthermore, white is classic, which is why it is the ideal colour for classical architecture.


You can have as many colours as you want, depending on the size and intricacy of your house. However, be careful not to have too many colours as they might overwhelm your house. On the other hand, too few colours can also make your house appear uninteresting.

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