Handle Writing Stress – Breathe


For some people, writing is just a simple task. However, others find it very difficult. In Singapore many people loves writing. As a matter mattered fact, writing helps an individual to discover new and exciting things. On the other hand, being a writer is not all about fun and educating yourself; it can be also stressful.


Whether you love it and it’s your passion, still, there will be times that you will be stressed with what you are doing especially when it’s repetitive. So, how do writers cope up with this stress? Can a drinking session with co-workers or friends be the solution to eliminate stress in writing? Actually, there are many methods to reduce stresses in life and breathing is the simplest method. Below, are some tips for writers to manage stress and this is through breathing.


Tip No.1. Breathe: Do not change your breathing. Just breathe normally and see your chest while you are breathing. Have you notice all parts that are moving? The shoulders? What about your tummy? Just do it.  Basically, if a person is stressed, the breathing becomes shallow and slow or sometimes quick. However, if you really feel good, you will breathe deep and moderately slow.

Tip No. 2. Relax: This will be the time that you will have to breathe through your nose. Then, gradually breathe in your mouth. But if you have difficulties in breathing deep. You just need a little push. Imagine that you’re smelling the aroma of your favorite food.



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