Flood Prevention

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Floods here in Singapore are not new especially if the monsoon season is right around the corner. Good news for all Singaporeans – the government already installed the Local Area Weather Radar. This is a flash flood warning system. The technology is installed at Nanyang Avenue (close to the Nanyang Technological University). Apart from the installation of flash flood warning system, the government is also improving new drainage systems in 36 areas which is an addition to the ongoing drainage projects at 176 areas around Singapore.


The drainage and the warning system will play an important role in the prevention of casualties. If in this case all warnings are given, your first priority is the family. It is important that you ensure the safety of the family more than any material things in your house. The following are some of the things you should consider about flood prevention:

Flood Kit

If the rain is heavy and your house is near any body of water or if your place has a history of flooding, it is important that you keep your flood kit and carry it with you. If you have a two storey house, get your kit upstairs after bringing the whole family there. Your kit should include medicines, flash lights, radio, etc.

Turning Things Off

It is crucial that you turn off your water and electric supplies especially if you need to evacuate. Apart from the water and the electric, do not forget to turn off your gas or stove. This might compromise the house and the safety of everyone.

Clothing and Food

Securing warm clothing and foods is essential. You have to keep warm clothes upstairs and make sure that there is enough non perishable food items in your cupboards. Water is also essential, be sure that you have a container that you can safely store water without risking contamination.

Waiting for Help

If things are worse, you have better chances of survival if you wait for help rather than wander around. The currents may be very strong plus your kids may drown. It is better to wait for the flood to be gone before taking actions.

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