Various Ways to Detect Drugs

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CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau) is concerned about the growing number of youth drug abusers here in Singapore. With this, the bureau set in motion hair testing. This test can detect drug presence by only using the hair as the sample.

This move is feared by many students but the CNB is determined to find out abusers and reprimand them. International schools here in Singapore have been performing the hair testing for some time. The samples gathered from students are then mailed overseas to identify or detect drugs. Apart from hair testing, there are other ways of detecting drugs to include:



The most common way to detect drugs is urinalysis. Even if you used drugs several days before, the presence can still be detected. Apart from drugs, it can also detect other drug metabolites and intoxication. The test should be performed by certified drug laboratories.

Blood Testing

Blood Sample

Blood testing is costly. For driving under the influence of drugs, there are European countries that ratified urinalysis as the preliminary test. If urinalysis detected drugs, this is where blood testing comes in. The blood testing will give a picture of the substances your body carries.

Saliva Testing


Saliva testing is less invasive than blood testing and urinalysis. Saliva testing is best to detect recent drug use. Like the others, saliva testing is conducted in laboratories but there are many issues surrounding this test like no national certification.

Sweat Testing


Sweat testing can also detect drug use. You should know that drugs are excreted during sweating. There is a sweat patch device to collect sweat from human skin. Like saliva testing, there are many issues surrounding this test like no national certification.

Students and other adults cannot get away from the abuse because no matter where they see it, there is still something that can identify or detect drug abuse. If you are using, it is important that you stop it while you are alive. Overdosing is not new and sometimes, it can take lives. If you want to continue living, stop the abuse now and change your life.

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