The Hard to Understand Technical Car Terms


Most of time, manuals are written in a very difficult manner. This makes an average person puzzled whenever they read about it. Some to the terms that cannot be understood by an ordinary individual are the following:


  • Cruise Control – Like cruises, you can automatically set a desired speed for your car without stepping on the accelerator. However, it will on return to its natural state one you hit the accelerator or the brake pedal.
  • Horsepower – According to science, horsepower means “work done over time”. This means the higher the horsepower, the powerful the engine is.
  • ABS – This means the Anti-lock Braking System. This is one characteristic of a car to provide safety to drivers and its passengers. Its function is to prevent wheels from locking so that you can maintain the car’s movement.


  • RPM – this means Revs per minute. RPM estimates how heavy the engine is working – the higher the RPM, the harder the motor is running.
  • Suspension – This is not the suspension you mean when you are being suspended by your school principal but this is a suspension which defines the springs of the wheels. Suspension protects the car from hitting directly to the ground.
  • Four-wheel drive – Compared to the standard models of cars, a four-wheel drive have an engine that makes all four wheel work at the same time.
  • Tread – This refers to the design of car tires. Usually, the cut patterns in tires indicate how solid the grip of the tire is.


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